Snowpocalypse DC

We’re in the middle of “Snowpocalypse DC” where there is “paralyzing” snow and last night we had “thundersnow.” Scared yet? Here’s the thing, we are not used to snow. We freak out when we get 2 inches of snow. So this? NOT OK.

Those lumps behind the husband shoveling? Our cars. We’ve got about 22 inches and we still have a ways to go with the snow continuing through midnight tonight. Let’s just hope that the power stays on. I’m happy to stay warm inside and bake.


2 Responses to “Snowpocalypse DC”

  1. Genavee Says:

    I live in DC too, and have never been so glad to not have a car. Well, at least I was until I found that the buses can no longer be relied on. I’m praying for a warm spell.

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