Goals Revised

So, remember when I said that I would be checking in on my goals throughout the year? I’m already doing that and revising.

– Start a blog. Done. Let’s addLearn how to use WordPress and update it regularly.”

– Work on cake decorating. Bake cake/cupcakes at least once a month. Revising to “Bake something at least once a month.” For now, I’m enjoying focusing on a variety of baking so not limiting myself to cake decorating.

– Do yoga once a week. Fail already. “Regularly workout (at least 3x per week) in whatever way I like.”

– Read a book once a month. Love this one. Success so far. I’m keeping it!

How is everyone else doing on their goals/resolutions? Is it time to check in on them and revise as needed? I should have put more thought into mine in the first place. Next year I might wait until Feb. 1 instead to give time after the holidays to reflect more.


6 Responses to “Goals Revised”

  1. Nicole Says:

    So funny – I just reflected on my new years resolutions and need to get back to one of them! The food thing is you can always change today and start them over again!

  2. Gretchen Says:

    Okay, somehow missed that you had a blog. Just found your comment on mine so had a moment of confusion. I love yours and the pictures are great!

  3. Heather Says:

    Well, I didn’t really do the resolution thing officially, but if I did I’m sure I would have to revise it! I had a few things in mind, but I’m not doing so well so far!

  4. Lisa Reed Says:

    Yay…now you have a blog, too. Easier for me to keep up with you like this! Reading your last decade—wow…you crammed more into that 10 years than I have my whole life!

    Take picture of your baking creations and tell us what you are reading!

    You and Heather and your creativity may have inspired me to resume my blog!

    • Tiffany Says:

      I know that is not true. You have had many lives! I know I am going to have to work hard to top the last decade though. And by work hard, I mean on having fun!

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