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Date Night: Co Co. Sala

February 21, 2010


Here’s a little secret. We did not celebrate Valentine’s Day until yesterday. With all the snow that kept us at home, we did zero planning before the actual day so we decided to postpone until the following weekend and get the weekend to ourselves to celebrate….without the special menus and crowded restaurants.

I had a Living Social deal to Co Co. Sala for $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks and it seemed like the perfect thing for our date night/Valentine’s Day.

Co Co. Sala is the only Chocolate Lounge in the world – as your “guide” (i.e. their word for waiter) reminds you when you sit down. The menu offers both savory and sweet small bites. The savory bites have hints of chocolate. So, being the chocolate lover that I am, I was in heaven!

We started with some of the savory “Coco Bites.” Here is what we ended up with:

– Crabcake Lollipops with chipotle chocolate tomato glaze
– Tuna Tartar without the Tartar sauce…just kidding! 🙂
– Tandoori Chicken Slider with cardamom carrots and greens
– Portobello Flatbread with portobello mushrooms, goat cheese (my fave!), roasted peppers, kalamata olives, sweet and sour fig marmalade

Everything was so good! My favorite of these surprised me, the flatbread, which was the last thing we decided to get.

Finally, before getting on to the real reason we were there, we had one of their cheese plates on recommendation of our “guide.” We got the Aztec Cheese Experience that included pepperjack cheese and a pepper cheese enchilada with guava sauce. Again, I would have never guessed, but this was by far one of my favorite dishes we got! The pepper cheese enchildada with the sweet sauce was unbelievably good.

Then, we got on to the issue at hand – dessert! They have chocolate “experiences” that consist of three courses. Of course, we couldn’t share just one so we each got one. I got the Aztec Experience and Chris got the Childhood Favorites.

Chris started with a mini Boston cream donut with cappuccino panna cotta while I started with churros with cinnamon cream and dulce de leche dip. Mmmm…

We made a huge effort and waited to eat the main dessert course after taking some photos with my iPhone (sorry for the quality!). I fully intended to take photos of everything, but we were too quick to devour everything else!

::Chris’s main dessert::

From left to right, bananas foster, milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream, mini co. co. cupcake, and malted shooter.

::My main dessert::

From left to right, hot chocolate souffle with fiery chocolate center, expresso gelato, chipotle truffle, and kahlua soother.

I could not believe that we still had another course! We finished with chocolate infused horchata and a Mexican wedding cookie for me and a mint chocolate chip cup and strawberry cheesecake lolly with pop rocks. Yes, those little candy rocks that burst in your mouth! The cheescake was such a fun ending.

In summary, I highly recommend Co Co. Sala. It was one of the best meals out we’ve had in a long time and we hope to go back soon!

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